Sharon Marta, 2391065

Sharon Marta, 2391065
Sharon Marta, 2391065

Get 50% off

with a Premium Starter Kit.
The best deal and how most people get started is the Premium Starter Kit. 11 of the most popular oils, a diffuser of your choice, 24% off all 500+ healthy home products, and samples to start sharing with friends right away.

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Hi, my name is Sharon. I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 kids and a graphic designer. I had been wanting to try essential oil to replace a lot of the toxic cleaners we were using in our house. I had no idea where to start, what oils to use, or which brand to choose. Then, my friend introduced me to Young Living and I was so excited to start. The oils and all their health and wellness products were such high quality. However, we didn't have any money to invest in the Starter Kit. I asked my friend how I could earn some income to pay for my kit. She showed me how and now I get my oils plus more paid for every month. Not only do we get the best health products on the market, but we get them paid for just by sharing. BEST COMPANY EVER!!!



We get it, there are a MILLION essential oil companies out there to choose from. So why Young Living? Young Living is the Pioneer and World Leader in Essential Oils.

  1. They are THE ONLY ESSENTIAL OIL COMPANY to own their own farms and distill their own oils. Every other essential oil company purchases their oils from 3rd party brokers. What does this mean? Young Living is able to track quality at EVERY STEP of the process, from planting the NON-GMO seed in NON pesticide soil. To Hand picking weeds, to stainless steel equipment to distill.
  2. You get TRULY 100% pure therapeutic grade oils that are safe to use on your skin and many are safe to ingest.  Sadly, other brands use fillers, synthetics, to stretch their oils thinner. They use GMO's and pesticides to create a higher yield of their product.  Which in concentrated forms, can be toxic on their skin and even in the air to breathe.
  3. Young Living is a company with integrity and transparency.  They are completely transparent with their entire process on all their farms. Anyone can visit their farms and see the difference themselves.


"I am a mKIM TURNER, 1702555om to five kids and the day we got our hands on essential oils our lives changed.  I wasn't getting a lot of sleep. My kids were constantly getting sick.  My daughter's digestive system was out of whack. I was a stress case.  I heard about essential oils, but when I headed to the drug store to find them, they had only a couple and even then I left confused and deflated.  I knew there had to be a way to learn more and with all the hype around these oils I knew they must work. I ended up finding the best essential oils in the world and had a community to help me use them." - Kim



"High school was a blur of steroids, allergy meds and adenoid removal to alleviate my sinuses. Sadly, nothing really seemed to work and I just stopped taking them. A couple years ago, when my wife told me to use Lavender and Peppermint to support clear breathing outdoors, I could breathe through both nostrils for the first time in a long time. I was amazed." - Jacob


BETTY KENNEY, 2503314"Before using Young Living, I was very down, had low energy and was taking so much headache medication that it put me in the hospital for liver damage. My daughter introduced me to essential oils and Ningxia Red and my life is completely different. Thanks to all the healthy products I am feeling better, have more energy and have better clarity." - Betty




This kit has WELL OVER 100 uses. The kit oils cover all of your basic household and personal needs. From

  • Stress
  • Deep sleep
  • Muscle support
  • Digestion
  • Respriatory
  • Skin support
  • Focus
  • Immune support,
  • Emotional support
  • ph balancing,
  • cell regenerating,
  • cell repair
  • Cleaning and food and water flavoring.

You get 11 of the most popular oils for daily use, a medical-grade diffuser, along with some samples to share with friends.  With the kit, you get a wholesale membership, 24% off Young Living's over 500 products, including household cleaning supplies, supplements, pet care, kids care, and much more.


A lot of people think essential oils are expensive and out of their budget. The truth is, they only cost mere pennies per drop to use, and these oils are so concentrated, one drop or two is all you need. Compare that with other products on the market. PLUS, you'll save on so much more when your body is functioning at it's optimal health.

  • Less unnecessary time off work and school
  • Less unnecessary visits to the doctor
  • Less consumption of OTC's
  • No longer need to purchase toxic cleaners and household products (Transfer Buy)



Get started today and, not only do you get the amazing Starter kit from Young Living with 11 bottles of oils and a diffuser, but we will personally give you:

  • Access to a 54-page Digital Recipe Book
  • Welcome Gift from the Oil Fun Club team
  • Access to Hello Essentials Facebook group with over 27,000 people. Where you can search and ask questions and gain invaluable recipes, tips, and testimonies
  • Access to Oil Fun Club Members-Only Facebook group where we post fun giveaways, post educational material and hang out!
  • One-on-one unboxing session of your kit where we will give you step-by-step directions to getting started right away
  • Monthly tips & Healthy Suggestions straight to your inbox
  • Essential Oil E-Course that walks you through how to get started using oils in everyday life.
  • 10-Day Starter Kit Challenge Digital Download!


Includes household recipes like:

  • Homemade laundry soap
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Mirrors
  • Foaming Hand Soap
  • Carpet Deodorizer
  • Air Freshener
  • Fabric Softener


Click the link above and follow these steps.

1. Choose member (it's just like a Costco wholesale membership, only you get PRODUCT with your membership)

2. Choose your diffuser (our favorite's are the Dewdrop and the Rainstone).

3. The BEST part!!! Members get exclusive access to YL's amazing monthly subscription program (like Bucherbox, StitchFix). You pick what you want to go in your box and you pick how much. It's the perfect way to start removing all the toxic ingredients in the home month-by-month and get all your healthy home products shipped straight to your door. Bonuses include cheaper shipping, 10%-25% back in product credit. PLUS, every month Young Living throws in bonus surprises.  For each level you reach, the 100, 190, 250, or 300PV tier, you get more free product. You can setup your box to ship this month or next month.

4. Add any additional products. The first product we always suggest getting outside the kit is the Thieves cleaner. A concentrate that will work on every surface in your home, is totally safe around children and costs less than $1 to fill a spray bottle. Peace and Calming or Valor are two of the most popular oil blends.

5. Enter your information, make sure and write down your login info so you can place a "quick order" at any time. Or to change your Essential Rewards order each month.

6. Choose your shipping method, I highly suggest something higher than USPS, if you are impatient like I am and want it faster.


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